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When Your City Knows Your Name

An idea that started out as a simple tweet became something I'd be proud of for the rest of my life. Growing up in this great city of Los Angeles, you see it change...a lot. The longer you live here, the more changes you see. Buildings come down. New bigger ones replace them. I've been living here all my life so I've seen my share of L.A. change. Los Angeles, as they say has a "History of Forgetting" so it occurred to me one day that if I could get a photograph I took into the hands of Mayor, Eric Garcetti, I may be able to attach my name somehow to L.A. and not be forgotten. 

I tweeted him something along the lines of "Hey, it'd be cool to have one of my photos hanging in City Hall." I attached a photo I took of the iconic 6th St Bridge thinking he couldn't say no to that, what with its upcoming demolition and all. He agreed, and it was printed framed (Thank you, Frame Monster) and sent on its way downtown. 

About a month later, Mayor Garcetti, tweeted a photo holding my framed photo. I was so excited because here I am, a nobody photograph still unsure I should even be calling myself a "photographer" and the Mayor is holding my photo, my gift to Los Angeles. 

At least another year went by and my friend, Angelica Perez put me in touch w/ good people at the Dept. of Cultural Affairs to have my piece permanently added to L.A.'s collection of Fine Art. I sat before two panels and my piece was unanimously accepted. Can you believe that? 

It's a beautiful feeling when the city you love knows your name. 

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